About Ardmore Main Street Authority

Ardmore Main Street Authority (AMSA) is a Trust and non-profit organization of the City of Ardmore. We advocate for the proper allocation of funds in The Depot District of  Ardmore, Oklahoma and promote the district’s financial growth and wellbeing. 

Our Story

Ardmore has a rich history and a wealth of culture. The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the citizens of Ardmore established The Ardmore Main Street Authority in 1989. The organization was formed to preserve that history and revitalize the commercial district.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the citizens of Ardmore came together to restore and nurture the heart and soul of the city through AMSA.

The Downtown Area existed for over a hundred years and began as Chickasaw Native American territory. The city’s development is linked to the construction of the Railway line connecting Texas and Kansas, completed in 1887.

The symbols of the AMSA are the historic Mercy Train and red bricks paved throughout the streets of The Depot District.

Mission and Vision


To promote a vibrant downtown district for current and potential businesses, work to preserve the district’s historic integrity, and create a preferred destination for the public.


Get on board for the Depot District

Our Mission

The Main Street Authority was created by citizens for the benefit of the City of Ardmore and the surrounding trade area. The goals of AMSA are:

AMSA acts as a recruiter and facilitator to businesses and investors interested in the downtown area to promote a thriving downtown area providing a wealth of shopping, dining, and living experiences. 

The primary focus of this program is to preserve and advocate for the well-being of downtown Ardmore’s businesses and work with investors and companies interested in the area to find mutual success.

Who AMSA Helps

We offer core services that provide a breadth of support to the Depot District’s property owners, merchants, and businesses.  

Local Small Business Owners

AMSA supports and allocates funds for local businesses to keep the downtown economy booming. 

See all of the businesses we currently support here.

Prospective Small Business Owners and Investors

AMSA is excited to connect with those interested in joining the efforts of Ardmore Main Street. We focus on keeping businesses in Ardmore fresh and flourishing. Learn more about how you can help the Ardmore Main Street grow here


AMSA dedicates itself to maintaining the aesthetic value and commercial viability of a place that so many people love and call home, as well as facilitating the success of exciting events. AMSA also offers workshops and training to locals year-round. To find out more about upcoming events and programs, visit our Event Calendar

The Depot District

In 1915, an explosion at Ardmore’s downtown train station killed 43 people and destroyed a majority of the downtown area. Engine #1108, also called The Mercy Train, was a locomotive that brought aid workers from Texas to Ardmore to help the city. 

The Mercy Train has been restored due to the efforts of AMSA. The locomotive now rests at the newly renovated Santa Fe Depot.

This area has been named The Depot District, and is still developing with more support. Visitors can enjoy lush grass, new benches and tables and a wonderful view of the Mercy Train in the city’s heart.

Memorial Brick Pavers

To boost support, AMSA provides the chance for anyone to purchase Memorial Brick Pavers to become part of the structure of the city. These bricks become part of the downtown side walks supporting the city of Ardmore and memorialize any personalized message. These are available to any individual or organization. Learn more about our Memorial Brick Pavers and how you can support the development of Ardmore Main Street with every purchase by contacting the AMSA

Main Street America

The Ardmore Main Street Authority is a proud member of Main Street America. The National Main Street Center is the head of this movement and strives to strengthen communities through preservation-based economic development to preserve older and historic downtowns and commercial districts.

Join Our Mission!

Join our mission and make memories worth repeating. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.  

Become A Main Street Partner

We thank you for being so interested in supporting The Depot District. Collective support is the most effective tool for seeing the vision of a thriving Downtown come true. Will you join the movement to preserve Ardmore’s history?

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